Women with brown eyes, very lucky. Such eyes very bright, they have depth and mystery attract opinion even with a minimum of makeup on her face.

Natural makeup for brown eyes make it easy. Кареглазым girls enough to put mascara on your eyelashes – and this can be considered a natural makeup.

Getting make-up, you should decide on the degree of its intensity. There are several options. You can spend eyeliner thin, graceful line and apply mascara on your eyelashes; line can make more soft, using eyeliner, and complete the registration century ink. If you don’t like arrows – use shadows. Mistakenly believe that the natural make-up can use only one color. This is acceptable if you are in a hurry, and the makeup you have a maximum of 10-15 minutes. In the natural make-up you can also experiment, combining several soft, gentle, pastel or slightly blurry colors. The main thing – do it properly.

Women with brown eyes you can use all shades of brown (chocolate, coffee, beige, cream colours), green (khaki, olive, mint, marsh and many other tones and colors), blue, Indigo, blue, and lilac, violet, pink, coral, gold and silver shades.

Do not forget that in the natural make-up use of bright, neon and “acid” colors excluded because the whole point is lost such make-up. It should be easy, calm, moderately bright and not to overburden the eyelid. 

Brunettes with brown eyes more suitable shades any of these colors, and blondes and red warmer. A little practice and you can easily learn how to distribute the colors, shades and tones on warm and cold. Прохладность shade determined by the presence of a greater share of the blue, purple or green pigment. And Vice versa – the heat of the color depends on the higher content of red, yellow or orange pigment.

Visually it looks like this:

If you are the owner of a striking and mysterious brown eyes, boldly proceed to experiment, focusing on our photo galleries. It collected the most successful variants natural, but interesting, and fun eye makeup!

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