Как приготовить маринованную капусту со свеклой на зиму - фото рецептThe hostess know that winter, when the lack of vitamins, vegetables and fruits are not cheap, very helpful fall autumn procurement. Pickled cabbage is perfectly in addition to the traditional side dishes: rice, potatoes. Today we offer some fun recipe and cook pickled cabbage and beetroot. She not only is a great cold appetizer, a Supplement to the meat, but will also serve as a full-fledged winter salad full of useful substances.

How to make pickled cabbage and beetroot

To create unusual dish take about 3 kg of the good cabbage, this number will need 2-3 beet medium in size, and some carrots. Now the ingredients for the marinade, according to the recipe pickled cabbage, they are as follows: per liter of water will go 150 grams of vegetable oil, as much vinegar and sugar, a couple of tablespoons of salt and, of course, spices: pepper, Bay leaf, garlic and others on request. Special smell and flavor give the dish cumin and coriander. For a start, cut the cabbage and beets small equal pieces, grate carrots and chop it into strips. Now all of these components are carefully mixed in enamelware and are filled with the marinade. If in the house there is an enamel, can take any other pan, most importantly, that it is not oxidized.

For preparation marinade oil, vinegar, salt and spices mixed with water, are boiled. At the request of the marinade, add a little sugar. After cabbage be flooded with brine is added to it finely chopped garlic. Now remains only cover the dish and press oppression. Preparing salad day, so you can say that this is a quick and pickled cabbage and beetroot. Ingredients possible not only to cut and chop. This will change the appearance of harvesting, beet will give a more saturated color.

If you are going to use pickled cabbage and beetroot as an ingredient in salad, then the second option is more suitable. Those who want to impress your guests and give the dish an unusual bitter-sweet taste and rich aroma can add a bit of ginger. For that, you should take a small ginger root, well washed, cleaned, and then to grate at medium-sized grater. The amount of spices depends on your taste preferences and volume of the banks. As a rule, the capacity in 2 liters takes 2-3 tablespoons of ginger.

Recipe pickled cabbage for the winter without vinegar

If you do not like vinegar, you can try to make harvesting of cabbage winter without it. We need cabbage and beets, and salt coarsely. Chop the cabbage, try to pieces turned out not too small, cut beets. We stamp it all in a wooden or enameled capacity, pouring salt. Put under the yoke. After a few days again we stamp and again clean. About a week вкусненькая pickled cabbage and beetroot are ready.

In addition to the taste qualities of the proposed salads are very attractive appearance. if you narezhete cabbage more coarsely, in combination with bright red beets will be an interesting “marble effect.

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