Как приготовить маринованную капусту на зиму - рецепт приготовления с фото Each family has its own proprietary recipes domestic preparations, which she keeps in the strict secret. Pickles, sharp tomatoes or pickled cabbage can be a highlight of the meal, guests will long be remembered. Today we will talk about cabbage, because this vegetable contains all the vitamins of groups b, C, anti-ulcer substance. Cabbage is growing almost every garden, so why not combine the pleasant with the useful and not make a pickled cabbage for the winter.

Pickled cabbage recipes

The main difference marinade from salting is that the necessary ingredients of the recipe become vinegar and vegetable oil. Thanks to them the dish is prepared quickly. So, what to do to get the winter pickled cabbage?

In traditional recipe pickled cabbage includes: a pair of heads of cabbage, 400 g carrots, a few cloves of garlic (number define to taste), several solid green apples. For preparation marinade we need a pint of water, 150 g of vinegar and the same amount of vegetable oil, 100 grams of sugar, and a couple of tablespoons of salt. As spices are ideal black pepper and cloves. Chop the cabbage, cut the carrots and apples. Mix all the ingredients, add the garlic and click until the juice. Now comes the turn of the marinade. Vinegar, oil and spices add to the water and boil the received solution pour in cabbage, mix, leave it for some time brew. After a couple of hours pickled cabbage, you can shift in banks or enameled pots (cans or etc.). Do not forget to put the oppression and leave for a few days in a cool place. After a few days pickled cabbage is ready.

Korean pickled cabbage recipe

Spicy vegetables in Korean have long been popular with people in our country. To not buy at the store spicy pickled cabbage, you can cook at home, good, the ingredients are not so exotic.

According to a traditional recipe pickled cabbage in Korean, 5 kg of ordinary white-head cabbage we need about 500 gr. salt, but the main thing – hot spices. You can take garlic and red pepper of Chile, if possible, use a special Korean pepper (less severe). The stores sell special mixture for Korean cabbage, buy only one you have tried before.

To start prepare brine: dissolve in water sufficient number of Seeley, boil. Cut sheets large chunks, soak in a solution for a few days. The next stage is the preparation of acute pasta, for this purpose, you are asked to grind garlic, hot pepper and other spices. Picks of cabbage brine, generously spread the mixture and put into the pan under a burden.

There is another way of cooking Чимчи (so called Korean pickled cabbage). Basic ingredients remain the same. Cabbage need to chop, and red pepper промолоть. Перетираем pepper chopped cabbage, add the garlic and salt. Now comes the turn of marinating. Under cabbage any неокисляющаяся capacity. Bottom выстилаем капустными sheets, several reserve to cover the top. Qualitatively we stamp mixture and put under cargo. Ready salting is when to start the fermentation process, i.e. through 2-3 days. Remember that the темплее in the room, the process will go faster. Optimum temperature is from 15 to 20 degrees. Dish will very sharp, and is it worth with caution. It is good complement meat and fish, fit as a side dish to a potato.

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