How to meet New year – the favorite holiday of all, both small and great? This question is asked myself many long before the New year, although for many the question – how to meet New year relevant and directly 31 number. It plans may not dependent on the us circumstances be broken, and the holiday to celebrate it!

Как встретить Новый годSo, we offer you several options, as you can well meet the New year, and you will just choose.

1. To celebrate the New year in a circle of family. source

This is the best option, because the New year – it is primarily a family holiday. And your whole family with impatience will wait for new year’s miracle.

How to meet New year in the circle of family interesting?

– Pay particular attention to the decoration of your apartment. Decorate it is necessary not only a Christmas tree, but also the whole of the interior for the establishment of the winter festive atmosphere.

– Always original making gifts, the design of which must be present hints, like the New year, so and in the winter the window (even if you live in the South).

– Table layout must also comply with. For example in the glasses must stand pipes with snowflakes, etc.

– Prepare in advance games and contests. They must be light, funny, and not tiresome. source

2. To celebrate the New year in the street.

Thousands of lights, fireworks, interesting events create an unforgettable festive atmosphere right under the new year’s sky. It seems that now appears a real Santa Claus and fulfill the desire.

Among the crowd of people you can meet old friends, pleasant to congratulate with a holiday, or a new…

3. To celebrate the New year in night clubs

If the house on new year’s eve you will be bored, and Olivier and herring under a fur coat already bored, and television with his blue flame will not be happy, can celebrate the New year in the night club ” here’s the fun you will be guaranteed!

In fact in new year’s night, all entertainment establishments offer the best entertainment program – one of the more attractive the other. Choose exactly what they, and extras like-minded people is provided.

How to meet New year – the original ideas

If all that was said above seems to you a little bit пресноватым, that is very interesting ideas, which will help you to celebrate the coming New year unusual. source

– Wear a suit snow maiden or Grandfather Frost (regardless of your gender) and go to congratulate with New year to all the neighbors on the porch, friends and relatives (up to all hardly walk but worth a try).

– Celebrate New year in the taxi, train or plane.

– Celebrate New year in the network in the online mode. This option is particularly popular last time. People gather at the new year online conference, a short plenty of drinks and food. Conveniently located in front of the screen of the computer and talking on Skype, on the forums or in the video chat, along the way, congratulating each other on the New year. source

I hope these tips will help you in finding solutions how good to meet the New yearthat he remembered for a long time and helped you lose all accumulated during the year fatigue.

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