Как засолить огурцы на зиму без уксусаDelicious crispy pickles – a great addition to any meal.

But to pickles please you throughout the winter to the complex task of pickling cucumbers need to come in advance, and it is best to start salted cucumbers already in July-August. If pickle cucumbers in banks in the winter without vinegar in our recipe, they will receive not too salty and crispy.

Cold method of pickling cucumbers fits best, if you for some reason do not wish to use vinegar. To close cucumbers for the winter without vinegar, simple ingredients and most ordinary cold water from the tap. For cooking we will need the following ingredients:

  • Cucumbers small or gherkins
  • Salt
  • Water
  • Spices and herbs: dill, horseradish, black currant leaves, garlic, black pepper.

Salt cucumbers in the following way: first, we prepare the banks thoroughly wash, sterilize them in the oven or pot, dry. Then in net banks for the conservation of the put layers on the bottom of spices and herbs, to taste: you can add to соленьям lesson and horseradish leaves of a black or red currants, Bay leaf, a few cloves of garlic.

In addition, you can enable the recipe pickled cucumbers few slices of red pepper of Chile, then cucumbers get sharp. On top of greens and spices put cucumbers as closely as possible to each other.

Now proceed to the preparation of brine to cucumbers. In a separate container (can be in a normal pan) mix cool or lukewarm water with salt ratio of one hundred grams of salt per litre of water. You can take a normal table salt, but with her pickles not come like crispy.

Prepared brine fill the jars of pickles almost to the top so that remains literally one to two inches of free space, and closing with polyethylene caps. However, the process of pickling cucumbers for the winter is not the end – Vice versa, then we are the most difficult stage.

Как засолить огурцы на зиму без уксуса — фото рецепты

To cucumbers as follows salty, you need to carefully monitor the fermentation process, which usually takes four to five days (if the banks are in a warm room). The end of the fermentation process can be color-coded brine – liquid banks pickles becomes almost transparent, and the sediment sinks to the bottom.

Now, to cucumbers were crunchy, but were not пересоленными, carefully pour the brine and pour in the banks with the prepared for the winter cucumbers fresh, cold water. You can repeat this procedure multiple times until the banks from the inside not completely purified from the sludge. Then pour water to the brim with banks and close the tin lid, then gently roll your.

It is very important that water actually reaches the edge of the bottle banks, otherwise it will be air – and pickles will receive not so delicious, and sometimes does not stand for the whole winter and gone. Keep harvesting the winter of cucumbers can be in the dark place at room temperature.

Author: Kateryna Sergeenko

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