Side-shoot removing tomato – guarantee of good harvest. If time пасынковать tomatoes – that is quickly delete all the “extra” shoots that only Rob the main stem tomato Bush nutrients – then you can ensure a good harvest. But the refusal of the пасынкования, on the contrary, will lead to the fact that your plots will grow lush, overgrown bushes of tomatoes, which are, however, at least give good fruit. Therefore, in no case, do not neglect timely пасынкованием and, most importantly, find out how to properly пасынковать помидорные bushes, not to disturb the system of the delivery of nutrients to the ripening tomatoes.

When you are ready to пасынкованию tomatoes

By itself, the procedure пасынкования is very simple – it involves only the timely removal of the “extra” shoots on the bushes of tomatoes. And so the answer to the question when to пасынковать tomatoes, is very simple – as soon as you notice the appearance of stubs. Usually the process of growth of laterals starts late enough – since the first brushes or even flowers on tomato bushes. As soon as you notice the appearance of new, “extra” stems, immediately delete them.

Sometimes the extra complexity пасынкования tomatoes – especially if you launched the process of growth of laterals and time is not torn off shoots – is that to understand what kind of a pair of stems “real”and what is needless, very difficult. Determine stepson you can layout: as a rule, the first shoots begin to grow immediately from under the first flower clusters. This is especially important in the case of tomatoes grown in greenhouses – side-shoot removing here is not just a whim of the farmer, it is a necessity! But for some varieties of tomatoes grown in open ground and in General unpretentious, you can even leave one to two stepchildren.

As пасынковать tomatoes correctly

First, let’s define the periodicity of the procedure. Do not think that a side-shoot removing carried out only once, on the principle of “grabbed it and forget it”. Помидорные bushes, especially those that are grown in greenhouses – require constant attention, and, most likely, side-shoot removing will have to pursue not only once, but at least once a week. The more you examine the bushes of tomatoes and remove the “extra” shoots, the less nutrients stepchildren have time to “take away” the main stalk and the more will ultimately yield. It is best to break off the shoots in the morning, and not in the second half of the day. Choose пасынкования warm and Sunny weather, without sudden fluctuations in temperature, rain or hail.

Separately, is true of пасынковании полудетерминантных varieties of tomatoes. There are such situations when after пасынкования reveals that the main stem ceased to grow – that is, завершковался. Therefore, if you have to plant grows mainly semi-determinate grade, do not rush пасынковать bushes immediately after the discovery of extra shoots first, make sure that the main stem is continuing to grow without interference. And sometimes it is in the case of such varieties of tomatoes! – it is possible to leave and two, if not three, escape.

Video: how to пасынковать tomatoes in a greenhouse

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