Increasingly, people prefer to use social network exclusively for communication via personal messages. Sometimes accidentally or intentionally deleted messages you want to restore. Perhaps there contained important information for the user. How to recover deleted messages Vkontakte – in our article.

Recover messages with a specific interlocutor

First we’ll look at a simple example: suppose you need to get to the dialog (history personal message) with one of your friends that you copied in VK. Here everything is very simple: ask your friend that he copied the entire conversation or its fragments. The fact is that deleting correspondence, «the other end of the wire,» and it remains unchanged. Of course, assumes that your friend does not delete the dialogue as you.

If you delete a message on your friend’s wall, the page you have not updated (not pressed F5 on your keyboard or did not move to another page VK), the message it is possible to recover by clicking on the «Restore». Another easy way, however, not always suitable in such cases: check your e-mail settings VK you specify the option «notify by e-mail». However, due to the abundance of messages Vkontakte it is likely that you then Refine your mailbox from multiple alerts.

Restore deleted messages Vkontakte from different interlocutors

All of the above methods are not suitable to fully restore all correspondence from different people. Go to the site Vkontakte and below the horizontal menu, click on the link «Help» (the order of the menu items the following: about the website – help – rules etc). Page appears tech support site, where the above line input data will be written: «here You can inform us about any problem related to Facebook». Write your question in a line of input data previously formulating it.

You will need to describe your problem, saying that the messages have been removed randomly and they need to recover. A little time will pass, and technical support staff will answer you. Watch out for the receipt of official notification about the answer to your question is regularly check your mailbox. But don’t expect a response within 5-10 minutes. Your request will be processed in approximately 2-3 days. Get it right – every day, hundreds of users have access to technical support with a similar problem, so you need to wait a bit.

How to read deleted messages Vkontakte: recovery software

Lots of programs on the network and websites offering services, how to view deleted messages in Vkontakte. Beware! The program may contain malicious code, viruses, Trojans, who kidnap password from page VK and then sending spam, causing Your page simply block the administration Vkontakte. Like expected from visiting sites with questionable content (in this case, sites, allegedly to help you get back deleted messages Vkontakte).

But there are proven programs that can restore access to a remote correspondence, although this will not guarantee full recovery. The most common ones: VK Bot and Vkontrole Message (version 1.0). VK Bot – shareware (for some of its functions need to pay 400 rubles), but its possibilities are enormous. The second program has also established itself as a good aide in the recovery of personal messages. In any case we should try both programs.

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