In the freezing winter weather cap has become obligatory attribute of our wardrobe. Unfortunately, it is fraught with the fact that our hair elektrizujutsja, laying ugly приминаются, and hair – hopelessly spoiled.

So what to do? Is there any chance to save the hair in order, or the only way out is to abandon the headdress and freeze?

Experts calm – the situation is not hopeless. Moreover, the narrowing of blood vessels from the cold leads to disruption of blood flow to the hair follicles. In the end, hair suffer from the fact that do not get enough nutrients.

Enough adhere to a few rules to make your hair keep the volume and beauty, even under the headlines:

1. Make a good haircut, which will look advantageous with a minimum of manipulation and money.

2. Use shampoos and balsams, giving the volume.

3. If possible, give up the clips hairstyles (foams, varnishes, etc.). The effect of this is directly the opposite: the hair is not only приплюснется, but also tightly locked in this form.

4. Wash your hair better for at least 2 hours prior to departure.

5. Owners of the bangs when winter laying stands of the “lift” it’s roots, “lift up and back, and after that put on a cap.

6. If your hair is long, to gather them to the back in a bun. In the premises of the fan and shake his mane. The splendor and soft waves you provided.

7. With short hair least of all problems. Just keep in my bag mini-packaging with easy means for styling and, removing his hat, quickly put it on the tips of his fingers and whisk her hair at the roots.

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