Как хранить сушеные грибыIf the summer was successful, and in the forest there appeared a lot of mushrooms, you should immediately go on the hunt, because fragrant mushrooms will please you not only now but in the winter. In addition to the delicious taste of the mushrooms have surprisingly balanced compositions, юспособны to give a man all those substances needed by the body, they are completely absorbed, are low in calories and dietary product. Today we will talk about how to properly store the dried mushrooms, then they really be used.

How to prepare for the winter mushrooms

Traditional methods of conservation of mushrooms for the winter are salting and marinating. In these methods, you can find several shortcomings. First, not any fungus can pickle, secondly, completely disappears mushroom smell and taste, it reduces the number of microelements and nutrients, and, finally, hassle with the preparation of brines and marinades, sterilization cans quite a lot. Drying is the most ancient and reliable method of storage. Nutrients are preserved almost completely, no special cost is not necessary, moreover, the finished product is lightweight and can be stored almost anywhere ( unlike cumbersome cans).

For drying suitable tubular (white, aspen, mossiness mushrooms), lamellar mushrooms (mushrooms, champignons), chanterelles, трутовики and many others. The easiest way to drying in the open air under the sun, it lasts about a week. Faster process goes in the Russian stove or oven. Most importantly, do not overdry product before it lost the useful properties, and not leave it raw, otherwise rot fungi. If the fungus dry, light, bends, breaks down in an effort, he dried qualitatively.

How to store dried mushrooms in winter

If you are able to properly dry mushrooms, it is important to keep them well before the cold weather. To start, decide which room you will mushrooms keep. Remember that raw rooms are not suitable for this – dried mushroom instantly absorbs moisture and starts to go bad. So they easily absorb odors. It is better, if the place is well ventilated. Often hats and legs are strung on a severe thread, and such garland hung from the ceiling, where it occupies a little and easily blown.

Another option is to stitch canvas or a gauze bags with ties, in a pinch you can use paper bags. Many people like the jars with tight lids. Before using them should qualitatively sterilise and remove the air: give a small number of alcohol within the banks go bust, then quickly screw the lid. Even if the mushrooms are dried out enough, with this method of storage, they are not spoiled. If you do not process the banks properly, mushrooms be got microorganisms.

Many Housewives concerned with the question: how much can be stored dried mushrooms? If you did everything correctly and observe the conditions of storage, mushrooms not damp, not covered with mold and are not damaged by insects, several years can enjoy the mushroom flavor and aroma. On the product will gradually lose their taste qualities, but it can still be used in food. For example, using the normal grinder cook mushroom порошек. He will be an excellent basis for the seasonings and sauces, accompaniment to meat, and vegetables.

How to use dried mushrooms

No special wisdom here is the good, get rid of the caked dust. Before cooking mushrooms soaked in water, and out of it cooked soup. Instead of water, you can take milk or a mixture of milk and water.

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