Winter – not the best time for the lips. In this time of the year and don’t kiss enough, and ice cream not treat yourself, beloved, on the street. In the first turn, because temporary pleasure is not worth flaked and bleeding lips. But this does not mean, that in the whole period of cold weather want to give up the pleasures of the earth! decided to share with you the secrets of care for the mouth during the winter. A few rules – and your dazzling smile will Shine more snow in the sun!

1. Always use a lip balm. Apply it not only before going out into the street, but also in the room. It is also desirable to lubricate them sponges before lipstick or gloss.

2. In addition balm can use moisturizing face cream or butter with vitamin E.

3. Be sure to смазывай honey lips – in the morning and evening before bedtime. This will not only make their silk, but also will give you a sweet moment.

4. Try to moisten the air in the house and enjoy the thermal water.

5. Include in the diet of more products with a content of Riboflavin (vitamin C). This vitamin is found in dairy products, legumes and green vegetables.

6. If you have cracked lips – do not touch their hands and do not alright pieces of dead skin! Apply antibacterial ointment and use a little balm.

Don’t forget to make masks for mouth! They are pledge beautiful smile!

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Take care of your lips in the winter, and they will be great, so that you don’t want to stop smiling and kissing!

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