Кае лечить насморкMany believe abundant mucus from the nose, in the absence of other symptoms of colds, absolutely harmless disease, and therefore rarely think about how how to treat a runny nose. In all of this, it is hardly something pleasant, because it reduces the efficiency of, interferes with the communication that does not sleep at night, cause headaches and provokes a bad mood. There is an opinion that a runny nose, treating him or not, is always for the week, however, risk, and blow it all to chance is not worth it, as it can cause serious complications and go into the chronic form. Doctors on the question of whether how to treat a runny noseanswer unequivocally – only drops in the nose, containing a fir or eucalyptus oil, the aerosols and sprays, which have vasoconstrictive effect, can only aggravate the situation.

And if You don’t trust the pharmacy medicines, and treatment is always only traditional means, these little tips, how to treat a runny nosefor You:

  • Do inhalations with broth extracts of medicinal herbs: horse chestnut, eucalyptus, menthol. In an extreme case, breathe over the steam fresh potatoes.
  • Wash the nose warm salt solution, it is possible to add a bit of baking soda and a few drops of iodine. If available, a good means for rinsing will be pure sea salt.
  • The nose can be buried with fresh juice of aloe, Kalanchoe, beet. However, net juice these plants may cause burning sensation, so it is recommended to be diluted with boiled water.
  • When dealing with a cold quickly help standard dark soap. Lather them his finger and lubricate the inner surface of the nose as deeply as possible. Perform this procedure as often as you can, even if it is not too pleasant for You.
  • If lubricate the feet of kerosene and additionally attach to them намоченную them the same cloth, wear warm socks and sleep so one night, in the morning You and not think about the common cold.
  • You can breathe in the smell of chopped onion or garlic or accept these products inside in small quantities.
  • If the house has a ментоловое oil, they can not only buried his nose, but also lubricate the temples, forehead and sinuses.
  • If not chronic runny nose and it’s not sinusitis, you can warm up your nose boiled chicken egg or heated in a pan salt, folded in a cloth bag.

This is only a small number of folk recipes from the common cold. However, it should be remembered that this disease is not so secure, but because in great distress and exacerbation of the disease, first of all, seek professional medical care to your doctor.

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