Among the preseasonal Shine batilions can be called the most popular, as they are combined with different clothes and for several years already actively used in the fashion Olympus (you probably see them in the collections of Valentino, Prada, Donna Karan, Louis Vuitton, Alexander McQueen and many others).

What models batilions most in demand and what they need to wear?

1. In the summer popular batilions, which have open noses. If they have the same tankette or high heel, then these shoes will make your feet visually longer, and walk – feminine. As this model is similar to the other summer shoes, designers carefully working on the details and choose the expensive materials (for example, natural leather and suede). Among the decor can often be noted ribbons, laces, rivets, locks and the net. Are such batilions with a mini-skirt, shorts or Capri.

2. Batilions with lacing is not the first year one of the most desirable models in pairs, the length of the lacing is very important. Stringing is perfectly combined with buckles, rivets, mesh and lace. Are such a model with a mini-skirt, dresses and narrow pants.

3. Model with fur, simply irreplaceable for the late autumn or the winter was warm. Such batilions often trimmed with wear-resistant types of fur (Fox, rabbit, sheepskin). Wear them with skirts (wool, velvet), паркой, jeans.

4. Batilions in рокерском style. They differ in abundance of metallic elements, buckles, zippers, rivets and the like. To this Shoe is perfect leather garments (trousers, jacket), as well as colored leggings or thick tights.

5. Models with bright prints. Now it is fashionable to wear shoes with a print zebras, leopards or the crocodile. So they looked spectacular, the clothes should be in a more peaceful style, so with such batilions wear tight trousers, dresses, pencil and other clothing beige, brown or black in color.

6. Batilions with танкеткой. They are classic, when the platform hidden or open, as well as in the form of a kind of hybrid with Hiking boots (they are called хайкеры). In any case, the model on the heels spectacular and a bit eccentric. Classics wear with shorts or short skirts and black tights, and to хайкерам suitable leggings, tweed skirt, velvet and leather.

The source of the article: The women’s magazine “My Style” – all about the world of fashion and style

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