Fantasy versus reality when it comes to our love lives is one of our favorite topics around here. It’s not that reality isn’t great, it’s just not quite as…glossy. And OK, occasionally reality really is lame.

Andrew Jenks agrees, and he’s making a web series showing the differences. You might remember him from his MTV show World of Jenks (and the sweetest first kiss we saw there). You’ll want to watch this one because, well, he’s cute.

And because we can all relate to the premise, which follows one man’s fantasy and his reality about his dream girl. Here’s the first episode:

Um, Andrew, I think you stole my boat fantasy, but I don’t mind sharing. The reality is pretty accurate too, except I’d substitute an ice cream bar and a glass of red wine for that cigarette–but I guess that’s not the world’s healthiest choice either.

P.S. The actress playing the dream girl is Taryn Southern, who you might recognize from Glamour’s web series, The Single Life!

What did you think of this episode? Will you watch the rest of the series?

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