If your garden ripe apricots, and you ate plenty of delicious fresh fruit and even managed to treat all the neighbors in the area, and fruit on the trees still hang in large numbers here will start to fall down and deteriorate, then it is time to harvest for the winter. From apricot becomes an incredibly tasty jam, which is great for filling cakes and rolls. So make jam for winter better for the future. Moreover recipes apricot jam for winter for any taste more than enough.

Apricot jam slices with the addition of fragrant pepper

This jam is not only delicious, but also beautiful – by neat, almost transparent apricot slices. To make it, we will need: for every kilogram of apricot need one kilogram of sugar (when very ripe fruits is the number can easily be reduced in two times); juice of one large lemon; a glass of water (200 ml); five peas Jamaican allspice. The fruits of an apricot, wash, cut into neat half, remove the seeds and put in a fairly large dishes with a thick stick bottom. Pour water with lemon juice, add pepper and cook on very quiet fire for ten to fifteen minutes. Pour sugar and stir thoroughly until will not remain visible crystals of sugar, bring a lot to a boil, and then cook on low heat for forty-five minutes, until tender the first halves of apricots. Decompose the resulting apricot jam in sterilized jars, let it cool completely and put on the shelf of the refrigerator. A great idea is to add in every jar few drops of brandy or rum, which would enhance the flavor and will promote a better storage of this magnificent dessert. Very tasty!

Apricot jam «Solnyshko»

Apricots have to carefully pick up a toothpick and pour boiling sugar syrup. Withstand about three to four hours and cook for five to seven minutes. After removing from fire, to give him cool and brew for three to four hours . After cooking again about seven to ten minutes. After three hours, the shutter speed can be доваривать it up to full readiness. For every kilogram of apricot, we need eight hundred grams of sugar and half a glass of drinking water.

Apricot jam with almonds

To prepare this wonderful jam we need half a kilogram of apricot, two hundred grams of thin strips of almonds, one hundred grams of honey (better to take a more neutral, type a may or акациевого), 0.5 kg of “Желейки (sugar “3 to 1”). If you want to replace jelly sugar regular sugar, and can be, accordingly, to increase, on the basis of the above proportions) Apricots need to be washed, cleaned of seeds and cut into neat little pieces. Fold in a fairly large bowl, which is suitable for jam, add “Желейку” with almonds and honey. All you need to gently without damaging fruit, stir. Put on medium heat and bring apricot mixture to a boil, stirring frequently. Cook for four minutes (or on instructions from packing the fruit sugar which you decide to use for the preparation of his jam). Remove very carefully all the foam and pour this is jam hot in sterilized jars. A wonderful dessert is ready. Classic recipe involves adding twenty five flowers dried lavender. Can try, having achieved more for the European taste, or you can drop a drop of lavender essential oil, before closing banks. For this recipe, you can cook a plum or a peach jam.

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