Желе из малины на зимуRaspberry refers to the number of medium желирующихся berries, therefore, when preparing jelly raspberry you must add gelatin or pectin.

You can also use the juice is very good желирующихся berries (fruit) or large amounts of sugar.

Easy raspberry jelly

Not very thick raspberry jelly without gelatin, 2 kg of berries will require the same amount of sugar, 100 ml water. Raspberries fill with water and put on fire the berries are soft and let the juice.

Diminishes the fire and allow to simmer for 10 minutes, then remove and put pressure using a masher. Received raspberry puree throws in a sieve and wipe with a spoon, then strain through a fine sieve to get clear and beautiful jelly raspberry, in which seed oil and meal. In raspberry juice, add sugar, mix well and cook on very low heat for about 45 minutes.

While cooking the need to constantly mix jelly and shoot formed foam on it. Boiled raspberry syrup immediately after cooking will not resemble the jelly, and liquid jam. But since you заготавливаете raspberries winter, during which it thickens and will get the desired consistency.

To check the readiness recommended to drip on a plate with a little boiling jelly raspberry. Dessert is considered ready, if you do not drop to flow across the surface. After that hot jelly poured into sterilized jars, roll covers and turned over for cooling, cover with a blanket. After raspberry confiture hardens, you get a very tasty harvesting of raspberries, which will enjoy its aroma in the winter cold!

Jelly raspberry red currants

To get more dense raspberry jelly, you can add a currant juice. The technology of preparation of raspberry for the winter on this recipe does not change, only the raspberry juice need to add the juice of red currants. He is well gelation and is well suited to a raspberry color.

Желе из малины на зиму

For cooking jelly raspberry red currants per liter of raspberry juice should take 300 ml currant juice and one kilogram of sugar. Cook such a raspberry and currant jelly to reduce it by one third of the volume.

Jelly raspberry with the addition of gelatin or pectin

To get a very thick raspberry jelly, his recipe add the soaked gelatin or pectin from bags. They are changing and proportions for the procurement of raspberry per litre of pure juice need to 1.5 kg of sugar and 25 g gelatin.

Gelatin fill with water, allow to swell, and then heat on low heat and pour in in the raspberry juice in the end of cooking. Pectin or квиттин should be added in accordance with the directions on the package.

Granny’s recipe jelly raspberry

Very tasty raspberry jelly cooked by our grandmothers. To cook it, you will need 2 kg prepared raspberry, which is poured 2.5 liters of water, boil for about 15 minutes, then filter through a canvas bag.

Желе из малины на зиму

The liter of the obtained juice, add 1 kg of sugar and boil down obtained syrup as a drop on the plate will not spread. Such jelly raspberry thickens and itself, but for the better pour you can add the gelatin in the above proportions.

Some details of making raspberry jelly

To jelly raspberry has not lost its beautiful color, you must boil down in a few receptions. To obtain a thick crimson harvesting the winter must be boiled down juice on 40%. If you want to quickly cool the raspberries, it is recommended to lower the capacity of the jelly in the great basin of cold water. Properly cooked raspberry jelly must not only have a pleasant aroma and refined taste, but also very beautiful in appearance.

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