Bright and passionate, seductive and delightful Jennifer Lopez will please fans of the new fragrance.

Temperamental J Lo can’t leave the hottest time of the year without a special flavor, thanks to which you will remember for a long time carefree summer vacation.

Very soon see the light of another perfume from singer – Rio Glow. He will be a worthy continuation of the collection Glow from Jennifer Lopez. The new fragrance will be a limited edition summer of 2013. The first fragrance Glow was presented 2002 and became so popular that after it was followed by no less successful фланкеры – Miami Glow in 2005) year and L.A. Glow in 2010. Each of the fragrance was with his strong personality, had a special perfume handwriting, unforgettable train and aftertaste. They felt lust for life, the ability to enjoy and appreciate every day of my life. The flavors were passionate and memorable, under become the most J Lo.

New Rio Glow is no less temperamental and rhythm. The fragrance is also full of passion, fire, emotions, joy and laughter. One word of all, what we associate Sunny Brazil. Song turned lush, flower-fruit. Begins Rio Glow bright, fresh green notes and fruit chords Apple, peach and pear. Tenderness and touching song give orange blossom, juicy plum, heliotrope. Sensual, intimate and enveloping train give aroma amber, seductive musk, warm vanilla and white cedar.

Limited edition fragrance Rio Glow will be available in a vial with the volume of 100 ml Concentration composition – Eau de Toilette (EDT).

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