The experts released a list of products that are very beneficial to health. When eating them for Breakfast, the body will get the most use and recharge your energy for the whole day.

Scientists from the U.S. center for beauty and health of the city of new York were able to determine the number of products that it is useful to eat for Breakfast. The main focus of the experts did on that morning Cup of coffee is better to replace the glass of water. Nutritionists say that water will help the body to Wake up, start the metabolism, and it will be much more useful than drinking coffee.

Coffee can be replaced with one banana. The main benefit of bananas is that a large amount of potassium necessary for good heart function. Only we must remember that a banana should not be eaten on an empty stomach, as it can provoke sharp spikes of glucose. The best option would be oatmeal with banana.

Also the Breakfast is well suited for the following products: eggs, yoghurt, fresh juices, berries, citrus and honey.

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