Experts from Canada found out, is it safe to eat artificial sweeteners, the benefits of which tells the whole world. As it turned out, all is not so rosy: aspartame, Sucralose, and stevia, acting as sweeteners, can harm health. So, eating them daily, in the future people may face obesity and other dangerous diseases.

German scientists conducted a large-scale experiment with a duration of ten years with the participation of 400 thousand volunteers. During this time, the experts observed the state of health of each subject, making a total of 37 studies. After analyzing all results, scientists have not been able to trace a consistent effect of weight loss in people who had consumed artificial sweeteners for a short period. As for the subjects that have imposed artificial sweeteners in your diet for quite a long time, many of them are faced with increased body weight and diabetes, high blood pressure and several diseases of the cardiovascular system.

According to Meghan Azad, co-author of the study, in connection with the widespread use of artificial sweeteners and gaining momentum for the obesity epidemic (which is the cause of a huge number of related diseases), you need to spend a lot of additional research to determine long-term risks and benefits of artificial sweeteners.

Earlier, the experts were able to prove that the use of sugar substitutes triggers the build in the nervous system of animal ties, which are responsible for the inadequate perception of the caloric content of simple carbohydrates (natural sugar). For this reason, rodents and flies that received access to a large amount of food, underestimating her calories and overeat.

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