Brand L’oreal always considerate to the choice of models that represented their products. After all, the Apostle of the shop, who look at us with posters is a symbol of the brand and the pledge of successful sales.

In this time of L’oreal surpassed himself and struck the scale of the new advertising campaign. Submit a new range of hair-dye from a collection Privee by Color Riche L’oreal Paris brand invited a large number of bright, popular and famous Actresses and models. In different periods they already advertised the products of the brand, and this time come together to prove that beauty can save the world. Or at least transform your appearance.

Among the invited stars can be observed is Frieda Pinto, INES de La Фрессанж, Джулианну Moore, Jane Fund, fan Bingbing, Leah Kebede, Eve Longoria and Даутцен Croesus.

Organize shooting for advertising campaign of this magnitude was not so easy. However, all worked professionally and as a result got beautiful and bright pictures, stylish and elegant. Black outfits heroines, their natural grace and charm, luxurious hair, and gorgeous styling that emphasis.

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