Well-groomed nails is attractive and aesthetically pleasing. Today there are many techniques for manicure and pedicure. One of the most popular is the hardware. WANT invites you to explore its pros and cons, and perhaps try something new in the care of nails.

This type of manicure and pedicure comes from Germany. Appearing in the salons of the city, he quickly became popular, and while yields the palm only classical the trim.

For technology hardware manicure need a special machine with a variety of nozzles for grinding of both the skin and the nail. In fact this device is the main tool for the procedure. And the quality of manicure and pedicure, as well as view your nail plate, depend on the skills and virtuosity of the wizard.

Manicure and pedicure not require prior steaming the skin, they run on a dry surface. During the procedure the wizard changes the nozzle, attaching them to the end of the device. Each nozzle its function, and purpose – to remove the cuticle, dead skin flakes, qualitatively, but delicately nail Polish. A nozzle which allows very skillfully and subtly change the shape of the nail plate.


All tips and caps are chosen individually under your nails and skin, taking into account their condition, thickness and other characteristics. All this is done in order not to injure the skin of hands and feet, not to violate the structure of the nail and minimize unpleasant or painful feelings.

Some salons can offer you the combined technique of manicure and pedicure. Its feature is that it combines the use of the apparatus and the trim method of treatment of nails. With the help of a typewriter, the wizard removes rough skin on the edges of the nail, and more sensitive areas are processed using the tools for trim manicure and pedicure. This allows you to make nails very neat and practically flawless.

Pluses of hardware manicure and pedicure set. He is considered to be the most secure and successful both for the nail plate, and for skin because it does not hurt them. Lack of cutting tools makes it extremely delicate. Also worth noting is the sterility of procedure, so that the infection does not threaten you. In addition, you can not worry about the appearance of nail fungus, because in this procedure, the water is not applied, while it is a major breeding ground for the bacteria that cause fungus. In hardware technology, nail care use a special solution, which works only with the dead cells, like a feeling of where they are on the surface of the skin. 

In addition, this procedure profitable saves your finances. After appliances hardware skin grows slower and revisit the wizard, you won’t have so often, as it happens after the trim manicure and pedicure. Leather long pleases you with its smoothness, tender and gentle. To prolong the effect, it is important to apply special means for skin care after the procedure. They give advice on the master.

Manicure and pedicure are beneficial not only on the skin but on the nail plate. Subtle technique and skillful grinding help keep the texture of the nails, they for a long time will not exfoliate, and also will purchase smooth and healthy, bright shade. Also admire their beauty and symmetry of the form nail after the hardware equipment. They look elegant, well-groomed, neat, almost perfect.

Pedicure can effectively prevent calluses and handle the most problematic areas: skin under his fingers, and between them, околоногтевую region, the tips themselves fingers.

By cons hardware equipment can be attributed to the fact that it is not suitable for running too nails and skin. Machine is capable qualitatively to remove the cuticle, it is generally possible only if trim manicure and pedicure. This procedure is not recommended for people with a thin nail plate. Hard to believe but it’s all the cons. So feel free to try this procedure in the salons of our city.

Rates start with a mark of 120 UAH. for manicure and 260 UAH. for pedicure and depends on the level and location of the cabin, masters qualification and equipment quality, but also from additional procedures or bonuses, which can be offered to you.

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