Every girl dreams about the original manicure, the choice of which, currently, is huge. One of the novelties is the thermo gel Polish, giving your nails the glamor and beauty.

Plastic gel formula which combines the properties of modeling agents and conventional nail Polish. It is applied like a normal nail, but then requires drying with UV lamps.

Термо гель-лак

Thermo gel Polish has got such a name not accidentally. Feature of varnish is that when the change in temperature, it begins to change its hue, chameleon-like. Should the girl hold something hot or cold – the effect will not keep itself waiting long.

By this means woman will always be in the spotlight, and receive the sea of positive emotions.

Part heat the varnish comprises ingredients that react to the slightest temperature change. The nail plate has a uniformly distributed heat at the root of the nail is always a higher temperature. In this regard, at the end of the nail, the color will be more bright and saturated.

Some of the features of the fillers, lacquers, allow the manicure to change shades from white to black, from pink to blue. It would seem that a completely unexpected color.

The pros and cons

The advantages are:

  • Long-term coverage
  • Strength nail Polish (chips and cracks)
  • Easy application and processing (gel smoothly and evenly distributed on the nail plate)
  • There is no need for correction
  • Affordable price and a wide range of volume and shades
  • Efficiency funds (for the perfect manicure short of one applied layer)

The disadvantages include:

  1. The impossibility of withdrawal. Some polishes don’t respond to a special liquid to remove it, so you have to buy the tool for removing gel nails, the eponymous manufacturer.
  2. Thermo varnishes can be applied on the exposed nails, in consequence of which, they don’t get the right amount of oxygen and start to flake and break. So sock of this nail Polish requires at least a month to restore the nail plate.


Colors gel paints is extensive. You can select any color, tint, and… Effect.

Lighter shades have the soft transitions, you apply them to everyday life.

Juicy shades have a smooth transition, without losing brightness. Suitable for people with extraordinary thinking.

Contrasting colors also have their own characteristics, they give the hands a more vivid appearance. Suitable for special occasions.

Термо гель-лак палитра

Basic designs

Long nails are perfect for thermo gels, but fashion has opted for a natural manicure. The transition of colours is mild, but some types of design are well suited and short nail plates.

  • French manicure or French manicure. The end of the nail will turn a dark color, traditional French, it looks the opposite
  • Tri-color manicure – smooth longitudinal passages with intermediate tones
  • Gradient – a smooth horizontal transition from one color to another, using the usual paint
  • Stamping – applying thermal paint to the usual pigmented. The result patterns generated by mixing of polymers
  • Sequins and glitter requires a separate application on top of the thermal gel. Applied in different shapes and quantity
  • Rhinestones and stickers. Usually glue for special occasions, matched with any style of manicure
  • Architectural design – at the behest of the customer. It can be a painting, tattoo or beautiful patterns. Master should know how to draw.

The number of ways and ideas dizzy. This manicure will give the girl the edgy and feminine.

Video. Nails changing color.

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