шашлыкNaturally a lot of people like meat and meat, which correctly and well cooked even tastier. You can get acquainted with marinades for the barbecue, which will make shashlik soft and tasty.
1, 2 kg of meat we need two large ripe kiwi. As always, salt meat, add your favorite spices and onions. Then kiwi mix in a blender or food processor and pour the mixture into a kebab. Kiwi has enough acid to half an hour kebab has become soft.
2. for concussion marinade we need 2 pieces of pomegranate (or Granatny juice), 150 mg of dry red wine, onions. Grenade to squeeze in соковыжималке. Take 3 kg of meat and pour the ingredients. In this case, the meat is best to not add salt. Subject kebab marinated overnight in the refrigerator. For one and a half hours before roasting kebab add salt.
3.Берем meat and pour highly carbonated mineral water. Put the Coca then press the bowl and hold 2 hours. Then pour out the mineral water and add the spices to taste. Add майонезу, and leave for 20 minutes to soak up the spices. Fry a shish kebab.
With these recipes any meat becomes soft and tasty. It all depends on how much time You have on the preparation of meat, as well as meat stays in spices.

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