Thinned and split, dry and dull hair are wretched appearance. First of all it is necessary to fortify them and return them to a healthy appearance.

To prepare this mask with the account of the length of your hair. To 100-200 g of powder white or pink clay, add a spoon of oil, avocado teaspoon of Apple cider vinegar and egg yolk of one egg. Whisk the mixture in a blender (enough 5 minutes).

It should be smooth, smooth and not too thick, that would be easy was put on the hair. Apply depending on the desired effect in a thin or thick layer on the hair. Keep 20 minutes.

Remove the hands as far as possible, rinse thoroughly with water, then twice wash hair with shampoo for dry hair and apply the regenerating balsam. After some time your hair will get a natural Shine and elasticity.

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