The date of July 6 marks an important moment in the history of WHIZ LIMITED as it not only serves as the day the brand launched in 2000, but it also matches the year founder Hiroaki Shimono was born with the addition of 1 and 9 to its front. To coincide with its anniversary as well as the unfortunately demise of mastermind JAPAN, Stussy bought the two brands together one last time for a collection that features two T-shirts and a New Era fitted cap. Each top features the name of all three brands in Stussy Tribe typography, Stussy’s ‘Double S’ motif, mastermind’s skull and crossbones logo, and a large 76 on the back. The black New Era cap will render the same images as the accompanying T-shirts with the addition of a clip ring on its brim. This tripartite collection was aptly made available today at STUSSY HARAJUKU with prices ranging from ¥7,980 to ¥15,750 JPY (approximately $79 to $156 USD).

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