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We were told to do eye makeup with emphasis on the lower eyelid, you should not. It was thought that this make-up will only spoil all the efforts and do look small and not expressive. But the dark days of the ban make up the lower eyelid are gone and there are new techniques of makeup that will make your make-up with the lower eyelid just awesome. Let’s understand how.

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Trend no eyeshadow or mascara on the lower eyelid has long passed. No, this does not mean that you have to take a black eyeliner and liberally apply a thick even line on the eyes. No. Eye makeup with lower eyelid is a delicate matter and requires careful shading.

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If you choose the right color of pencil for eyes and accents, the eye makeup with the lower eyelid will look very cool and stylish.

So, the first thing to remember: we paint the lower eyelid with bright colors and completely forget about the dark eyeliner or black pencil. Dark shades on the lower part of the eye will narrow even the big eyes look heavier and ruin the whole makeup. Light, preferably blue or purple eyeliner, shades of which much “open” view, will not burden the eyes and emphasize their depth (works with both brown and light eyes).

The second thing to adopt and remember, usually drink plenty of water — feather. Gentle contour pencil or shadow on the lower eyelid will look organically and unobtrusively. If you add the shading on the lower eyelid light smoky ice, then the best option for evening makeup and not come up.

Also use water-resistant texture. Since we are dealing here with eyes that does not like interference in their territory. Painted eyes may begin to tear, which can wash away all your eye makeup.

You can also use a white eyeliner directly on the mucosa. This will allow to achieve the effect of “widely open eyes”. Take the weapons, if you want to paint the lower eyelid and make eyes bigger. But blue and bright colors, you can use soft brown or dark gray pencil, but with good shading. This method also has the right to exist, and it looks cool.

Also see our instructional videos that will show in detail and tell how to do eye makeup with emphasis on the lower eyelid.

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