Experts from the California educational institutions Stanford has collected reliable information about the activity of people from different countries of the world. Were studied the data of more than 700 000 inhabitants of the 111 States who have used the program for devices, analyzing physical activity level.

After processing the information received was that residents of Japanese major cities are doing about 6 880 steps every day, and Indonesians just 3 513. The CIS people on average take place every day 5 960 steps. Therefore, the most lazy country recognized Indonesia.
In addition, experts believe that the degree of obesity depends largely on the indexes of mobility and the difference between the inhabitants of the country. In America, Canada, Egypt, Australia, Saudi Arabia, was recorded the biggest differences in the number of steps between active and passive citizens.

A slight gap in the level of mobility was recorded in Japan, China, South Korea, the list includes the Czech Republic and Sweden.

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