Названы самые популярные продукты в будущем году


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American dietitians in their research identified the main dishes of 2017. In their opinion the most popular will become fermented food. This is food made using fermentation process. In their opinion fermented foods are an example of super-products. Is the source useful for the human body bacteria. Doctors call them artificial additional digestion.

Such products are already partially processed by the enzymes of bacteria products. Fermented food helps improve absorption of iron and calcium, protein and other nutrients. Also heals the gastrointestinal tract, destroys viruses, bacteria and removes from the body toxins and wastes.

According to nutritionists, the main yeast product in Europe is the traditional sauerkrautand other pickled vegetables. Pickled vegetables are at their lactic acid fermentation. They contribute to the normalization of intestinal microflora and thus digestion.

A significant place among the main trends in food 2017 is a natural kefir, Kombucha fermented tea (Kombucha), yogurt and kvass. As for the tea Kombucha is a natural fermented tea obtained by tea fungus. It is the interaction between yeasts and acetic bacteria. Due to its medicinal properties, this tea is very popular in Asia and in some European countries. As for kefir, yoghurt and brew their benefits proven by experts for a long time.

Lovers of spicy food in 2017 nutritionists offer Korean dish Kimchi — is any combination of pickled vegetables, seasoned with hot spices.

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