Blue eye shade embodies the softness and lightness. People with blue eyes trust, sympathy, they are sweet and adorable, among them a special, subtle charm and amazing charm.

It is believed that blue-eyed people are driven by the element of air, which is why they often sentimental and are often in a dreamy state. They are subject to frequent changes of mood, but it is incredibly energetic and hard-working. People with blue eyes easily acquire new acquaintances and safely begin to love novels.

Blue eye shade – the most common. Make-up artists like to work with the blue-eyed customers, as they are suitable for almost all colors, tints and tones of shadows, and even the most simple makeup looks elegant, refined and subtle. The blue eyes and I stare, so they are ideal for the play of light. Distinguish 4 basic color blue eyes blue (with little noticeable purple BLOB), medium-blue (moderately intense color with a slight Golden tint), light blue (most transparent) and gray-blue – grey shade, diluted blue).

Since all four shades are cold schemes for such eye ideal for all the cool shades of grey, blue, green, turquoise, emerald, cold, pink, red, purple, blue. Many believe that choosing the color of the shadow in the tone of an eye, you can reduce the brightness. Truth in this, but you can achieve the other effect – soft and tender, romantic, as if shrouded in mist and поволокой sight.

Getting to the natural makeup, do not forget that blue eyes often change color depending on service, weather, lighting, and even mood. Therefore fulfil makeup should have already been identified with the fact that you dress.

Blue eyes shone in the gray-black, gold, silver, peach, sand, beige, vanilla, coffee, cream and beige shades. They are ideal for natural makeup, which should be gentle and as if weightless, but emphasize the beauty of the eyes.

Blue eyes are very brown shades, terracotta, orange and yellow. This is because the colour spectrum blue and orange – contrast in relation to each other, and in make-up game of contrasts is a very good technique and reception. The main thing to choose the correct shade of brown – without mixture of red, as it can give your eyes a painful expression and create the effect of tearful eyes.

In the natural make-up allowed arrows, and drawn as a pencil and eyeliner for eye. Everything is very individual and depends on your preferences. The main rule – arrow drawn eyeliner should be elegant, thin and delicate, and a pencil line smoothly and carefully растушевана. No drama. Suit of coffee, grey, grey-black and gray-blue, blue and gray-green shades pencils and connectors.

By the number of shades of shadows, used in the natural make-up, restrictions can not be. You can choose one and apply it to the entire eyelid, and can make a virtuoso version makeup with a few soft, muted, pastel shades.

Technique smoky eyes for registration of the century is valid but it is better to choose calm and soft shades – transparent-coffee and cream-brown, vanilla and beige, neat gold and silver (without large, causing spangles and catchy mother-of-pearl), soft pink and peach.

Although the blue-eyed girls are amazing in any color shade mascara blue, blue, green, purple, red and cherry, natural makeup is better to select the black and brown, blue, gray-brown, brown, or gray tint carcasses. Eyelashes прокрашивайте carefully, rather than one layer of mascara to not create any lumps.

Eyebrow pencil in the natural make-up you should also choose carefully weighed the hair color. Blue-eyed blondes fit warm coffee-brown shades; brunettes – cool grey-brown or smoky-gray and red – copper-brown. Guided by the intensity of the color of the hair, eyebrows to look harmonious and gave expression to the face expression.

Blue-eyed girls the nature itself gives carte blanche to all kinds of experiments with makeup. Boldly proceed to him, but don’t forget that the main rule of the natural makeup lightness, softness, smoothness and harmony of textures and lines. Believe me, even a discreet and simple makeup can highlight your natural beauty and charm. Sure you must see our photos with examples of natural makeup for blue eyes.

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