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How to do a manicure that will look as natural as possible, but to look interesting and have an original design? Sounds like the plot of the fantastic beauty of the film, however, the impossible is possible.

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Now nobody will be surprised a bright and fanciful nails too creative manicure can cause if not disgust, but the silent condemnation. In fact, now ruled by trends modest chic, minimalistic manicures and sophistication. Down with synthetic nails long with a drumstick and an abundance of rhinestones, like the last few years you spent in captivity ciganskom.

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We have selected for you an interesting selection of stylish geometric manicure, which not only will be able to live with you for a long time, but will also look sophisticated, cute and stylish. Admit it, the regrown manicurethat will look presentable — it sounds just fine.

You should pay attention when we are talking about a natural manicure? First, the length and shape of nails — don’t cut off their nails by the roots, but it is necessary to make them as careful and gentle.

Secondly, remember the color of the nails. A red manicure is absolutely not connected with the notion of naturalness. Love nodoby nail Polish, turn to pastel shades, the translucent nail Polish with a pink undertone.

If you’ve never done a neat manicure, but I always loved the interesting design of nails, we have good news — these two concepts are perfectly combined with each other. Natural nails, Nude, interesting geometric patterns and other attractive liberty in modern nail industry — draw inspiration from our selection.

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A manicure that is not afraid of time: ideas for nail Polish under “new nails”

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