Where to buy cheaper tires. And not to deceive?

Not all motorists are perfectly versed in configuration, which causes difficulties in the selection of spare parts. But it is important to clearly understand the strengths and weaknesses of purchase, because it depends on the comfort and safety of the trip.

Winter and summer models

The first classification of tires – seasonal use. Winter presents variants with a rougher studded tiresthan for summer, winter wheels are characterized by:

– stability in the snow;

– strong position on the icy roads;

a correct and timely response to a command of the steering.

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While non-studded tyres have to perform other tasks: perfectly adapted to the terrain, as in the warm season it is not excluded rain, slush. You also cannot forget about the heat, which is a “dry” tires, which leads to their rapid wear, and the texture of the summer tires are resistant to high temperatures.

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All-season products differ in the purpose for certain road conditions (which is defined by marking: M+S – to drive in mud, snow, countryside; R + W – smooth road).

Types of puncture repair

Tyres are a set of tires and cameras on the rim. Tubeless system instead of the camera guessing the sealant protecting from possible damage in the moment of friction of the rubber plane on a hard surface.

It is important to remember that the installation of cameras for tubeless set – an unwise decision, because this method increases the load on avtokoleso that will cause a lot of problems.

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Sizes rubber

Standard sizes of tires:






Breakdown of numbers is as follows: the first number is width in mm, second is height, third is rim diameter in inches. Some confuse the English “R” is a radius, however in this case, the letter defines a constructive variation of the tire – radial. As for radius, then for a passenger car diagonal variations are almost not available.

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There are other types of markings:

– T – speed index;

– numeric designation following the “T” indicates a load, for example, 91T;

– E17 – European standard;

– DOT American standard;

– AS – all-season solution;

– AW – all-weather offer.

In addition, before to buy new tires for a car, you need to pay attention to the manufacturer. Brand determines the quality and longevity of the tire. The most reliable include the following manufacturers: continental, Michelin tiresthat have proven themselves in all respects: priceand service life. Speaking of the pricing framework should be warned too economical drivers, which is quite “cheap” is only in the Chinese market.

Where to order brand avtokoleso?

On the website vsekolesa presents a wide range of imported and domestic kits for all kinds of machines. The principle of search as simple as possible, which speeds up the process of selecting the right parts. On the website you can checkout in 1-click or add to cart the selected product, and then make the order.

The advantages of working with an Internet store is obvious, because you can see such a range as any 1 store could not can choose as many as you want, you will not be kicked out of the store =). Fast shipping and reasonable cost attract more attention.

High-quality products, and inexpensively and with factory warranty – the basic rules of the show. The shop works without intermediaries, which explains the prices without markups.

Online purchase is always beneficial.

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