on 17 June the Fund Pierre Berger opened the world of archives one of the most legendary designers of the twentieth century – Yves Saint Laurent. Berger, commercial partner and lover Saint Laurent, in his time, and he sold them a huge common collection of art, giving money for the fight against AIDS, but has now decided to make public and workers of the archives of the designer.

Collection Saint Laurent collected on a special website Fund Of The Pierre Berger – Yves Saint Laurent. However, in a large quantity laid there files easily get confused, not having evaluated until the end of the whole beauty of the exhibits. Http://good-kovka.com offers to get acquainted with them gradually. Today we publish the first part of sketches, executed in the form of paper dolls. They all belong to the period from 1953 to 1955, when Saint Laurent had just arrived in Paris and studied in the course of drawing. Already in 1955, these pictures like most Christian Dior, that he would invite young talent to be his assistant.

To be continued.

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