Sea delicacy often been the subject of attention and praise in the rows of famous poets and writers. About oysters mentioned Carroll, Hemingway, Chekhov and Akhmatova.

Why is this specific dish is popular and how to use it? Let’s deal!

A bit of history

2000 years ago the mollusks included in the diet of the Romans, and in Ancient Greece, their shells were used as ballots for a vote – they wrote the names of the leaders, whom voted against the voters. Historians have believed that from Greece and grows the term “stigma”, which means exclusion, exile. After a while, oysters were included in the diet of French and English. Imported from Greece. However, until the 19th century, shellfish was considered a food for the poor. When their catch has acquired a large scale, and the amount of catch decreased, food was considered a delicacy.

On the territory of the Russian delicacy was due to Peter the great, who, as they say, “opened a window to Europe” and borrowed a lot from European countries. At that time, in Saint Petersburg delivered each year up to 750 tons of fresh oysters.

If a few centuries ago, oysters were a special delicacy, but today they can be enjoyed by anyone, even you can order their home delivery. Price per share approximately us $1.5 – 4. The cost varies depending on their type.

In nature it occurs up to fifty species of oysters, but the quality of food consumed 10 to 12 varieties. The main difference is in the region of their habitat and method of cultivation. The most popular oysters from the Pacific and Atlantic ocean. Sea oyster considered to be not as tasty because of the higher water temperature compared with the ocean.

Distinguish this delicacy in the form:

– deep – Creuse, Brittany, Finn, and the Special;

rounded and slightly flat – Belon, Bush, Gravet, Marennes-oléron.

The delicacy of sea taste that may differ, depending on the habitat of oysters. They can be with a taste of salt, iodine, metal and even ripe melon.

It is worth noting that the true connoisseurs of sea delicacies prefer wild oysters. Their size is smaller, however, more intense flavor, and the cost is more expensive.

When the oysters unfit for human consumption?

Some believe that the shellfish suitable for consumption all year round. However, it is believed that from may to August, they better not have. During this period, they have a breeding season – body oysters become softer, and in the middle of the shell to produce milk. These features make the taste bitter.

How to choose oysters and how to open them?

Usually, oysters are served in restaurants with all the necessary Cutlery. At home they eat infrequently, as not everyone is able to choose them independently. In addition, their use needs special Cutlery.

How to choose these mollusks, we’ll look at later.

They can be purchased in stores, seafood markets, decent restaurants.

A good oyster should be heavy because of the water content and with a tightly closed shell. Smell is only the sea. Tapping on the shell surface, it is important to hear a thudcharacteristic of the objects with contents inside. The sound should not be empty.

The quality and freshness is determined, and so you need to shake the oyster near the ear. If there is sound, then the clam is not fresh. Live oysters firmly cling to the inner wall of the shell, so the sounds during the shaking should not be.

If the seller agreed to open one oyster, take a look at her appearance – she should be well-fed, not skinny.

How to open an oyster?

To open clams, too, need to be able to. To do this, use a glove of chain mail (or thick kitchen towel folded in several layers) and small rigid knife with a limiter blade. Such measures are needed to avoid injury.

Take the oyster in your left hand (Lefty – right), which previously put on a glove, it is placed so that the whole surface of the shell on top.

The knife is inserted from the side into the join flaps and begin to turn thelever until you hear a click. Further a knife blade to gently hold in the center of the clam to cut the musclethat holds the sash.

Then the oyster open in the same position (not turning). Reversing it is impossible, as the juice will flow out.

If after opening the clam left the pieces of shell, remove them with a knife is a mandatory measure, as shards of shell can cause serious damage if it gets into the esophagus. Rinse the delicacy is not necessary. Separate the clam from its shell with a fork with three teeth.

The opened shell is placed on the ice. To 5 days you can store them in the fridge, covered with kitchen towel. But it is better to eat them immediately.

How to order a delicacy and consumed?

Traditionally buy oysters for 12 pieces (dozen). More to buy is not recommended, as the stomach can “rebel” because of the unusual food in large quantity. So 12 pieces is best to book for two persons.

It is better that oysters opened directly at the table. But sometimes in restaurants they bring already in the clear. In this case, you need to evaluate their smell and condition (how to look fresh clams, mentioned above).

Separating the oyster from the shell of the special plug, you need to carefully water it with lemon juice. Further, the shell is brought to the lips, and the contents silently sucked and swallowed without chewing. Remaining withOK drink.

It is worth noting that fresh oyster reacts to the lemon juice, season. From him she frowns a bit.

What drink?

Usually, delicacy washed down with champagne. The alternative is white wine, and some restaurants oysters are served champagne and vodka.

Oysters are a source of vitamins and sexual activity

Researchers have shown that oysters contain substances enhancing libido by stimulating the production of hormones responsible for sexual attraction. Therefore, oysters are considered a natural aphrodisiac.

Also they are the leaders among the products on the content of zinc – 16 – 20 milligrams per 100 grams of product. This is especially important for men, since zinc strengthens and increases the potency.

It is considered that 4 – 5 oysters contain the daily norm of vitamin A, b, C, iodine, phosphorus, magnesium. In addition, these clams are considered a diet food – only 60 calories per 100 grams.

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