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Find out why the use of oil for hair.
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I’m so sick of seeing Old Hollywood waves on awards-show red carpets, it makes me want to kidnap all the curling irons in the world and hold them hostage until someone—anyone—goes for something different. So, as a service, just in case any of their hairstyles happen to be reading the blog today for inspiration, this is how I’d like some of the nominees to do their hair at the Oscars tomorrow night.

I’d really like it if Anne Hathaway did something with a very deep side part that covered one eye.

Source: via Susan on Pinterest

Jennifer Lawrence I’d like to see in some sort of wavy updo.

Source: via Keave on Pinterest

Naomi Watts I’d put in a lovely low side bun.

Source: via Anne on Pinterest

And I’d like to see either Amy Adams or Jessica Chastian in something twisty.

Source: via Total Beauty on Pinterest

Will they take my advice? We’ll see tomorrow night! Well, actually you’ll see without me—tomorrow is my birthday, so my blogging “other half” Petra will be holding down the fort with our usual best-of Oscars poll. Make sure to come back so she doesn’t get lonely!

Photos: via Pinterest

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It was all going so well until it got awkward…

This reader question came in a while back, but I wasn’t sure how to respond to it. After pondering for a while, I decided that I’m still not really sure but I should open the discussion to the group. Let’s take a look…

She writes:

I joined OKCupid after a heartbreak, and so far, I have gone a few dates. Last night, I went out with a really cute, smart, nice guy; who smelled good too I should add. So there we are, sitting at the bar having a good conversation when he says “This is going to be weird and I don’t even know to bring it up, but I know one of the people in your pics.” It turned out to be my pretty friend (who gets all the guys).

He goes on to tell me that they met at a bar about five years ago. They danced and talked all night and when the evening was coming to an end, he was about to ask for her number but one of her friends pulled her away. He messaged her on Facebook but she gave him the cold shoulder and they never spoke again. He’s had girlfriends since then and he made it a point to say that he is “totally over her” but the whole thing leaves me wondering. I feel like he met me because of that! Which is crazy to think, right? I mean we were out until midnight talking and he followed up with a text after saying he had great time and would like to see me again. I just feel like he could still have feelings for her… Should I not be concerned that he brought it up on our first meeting? Do you think it’s a bad sign or am I totally over analyzing? HELP!

I just don’t know what I think here! On the one hand, it was a long time ago so it’s probably no big deal. And it probably would have been weirder if he started dating you, never mentioned that he recognized your friend, and then had to awkwardly explain it when you eventually introduced him to her, so he might have just been bringing it up to get it out of the way and not seem like he was hiding it.

On the other hand, I can see why it would make you feel a little weird that he asked you out after recognizing her picture. Plus, the fact that he used the phrase “totally over her” makes me a little wary as a) they only met once, that shouldn’t have really taken a big amount of “getting over” and b) announcing that you’re “totally over” someone is a big red flag that you’re not really, if you ask me.

I guess my ultimate conclusion is that you’d just have to see where this one went after the first date. If he continues to seem genuinely interested in you like he did on the first date and there’s no other weirdness, it’s probably just a coincidence and a good thing that he told you up front. But if he brings up your friend frequently or pushes for hanging out with her, I’d doubt his intentions for sure.

Maybe our reader can pipe up in the comments and let us know what ended up happening with the guy, but either way, I’m curious to know what you guys think… Is this connection between the guy and the reader’s friend cause for concern? Or should she just shrug it off and see how it goes with him?

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Photo: Thinkstock

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The main displays of the third day
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Happy Friday-before-the-Oscars, friends! Before we shift our focus to all things Academy Awards, let’s go over the best of the beauty blog for the week, shall we? Here are my favorite hair and makeup looks we saw:

Look 1: Emma Stone’s pink lips and sleek high ponytail.

Look 2: Taylor Swift’s gorgeous bronze and pink smoky eye.

Look 3: Drew Barrymore’s bright lips and faux bob.

Look 4: Rihanna’s wine lipstick.

And look 5: Rita Ora’s shimmery blue eyes and bold lips at the Brit Awards.

Which is your fave?

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Today is the 25th anniversary of Andy Warhol’s death. Of the artist’s numerous philosophical tidbits, I’ve always been fascinated by one quote in particular: “Sex is more exciting on the screen and between the pages than between the sheets,” he said.

My initial reaction was, why would I rather watch or read about sex than do it myself? Then again, consider the results when I jogged my memory and queried some friends for some of the steamiest onscreen hookups. Among them:


Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore in Ghost. Leonard DiCaprio and Kate Winslet in Titanic. Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal in Brokeback Mountain. Brad Pitt and Helena Bonham Carter in Fight Club. Naomi Watts and Laura Harring in Mulholland Drive. Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Gray in Dirty Dancing. Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek in Desperado. Meg Ryan in anything. And all the others you’re recalling at the moment.

On the page, the super-nerdy part of me that majored in Renaissance Literature points to any number of Shakespearean passages. For normal people, there’s 50 Shades of Gray.

There are exceptions, sure, but the best onscreen or in-book sex is highly stylized, a beautiful dance between beautiful people that, most importantly, proves significant and meaningful to its characters beyond mere intercourse. I always think of my personal favorite, Joseph Fiennes and Gwyneth Paltrow in (again, English-major alert) Shakespeare in Love: the best movie sex is never just sex; it’s art.

Maybe that’s what Warhol meant, that movies and books portray what we desire but can’t always achieve in real life. That is, sex not just as movement and sound and body but as the transcendence of those, as poetry. I’m not sure about you, but my sex is rarely poetic. For Rose and Jack? Every time.

We engage in real-life sex with our bodies. In literature or film, we don’t. And yet, we experience the best parts of both in the same way, not just physically but intellectually, emotionally, and even spiritually. The best sex doesn’t force us to feel these things, because they happen naturally. In movies, though, we’re forced (and also totally willing) to parlay a strictly visual experience into a deeply intense full-sensory one, thanks to one of most powerful human capabilities, imagination. When I watch Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore, I’m aware that what I’m watching isn’t “real”—or at least not happening to me—but I subconsciously transpose myself into that position and internalize the beauty and grace and perfection and meaning of the scene.

A movie or book leverages our imagination the same way a dream or fantasy does; often, my dreams feel more intense and “real” than life itself, sex included. Or, if not in dreams, the mystery and wonder in anticipation of sex or the (often-distorted) memories afterwards are stronger than the sensations during.

Maybe that’s it: Sometimes rehashing the show after it’s over or anticipating the sequel is better—or at least longer, more sustained, more fulfilling—than the performance itself.

Do you agree with Warhol? With me? Regardless, what are your favorite onscreen or literary hookups?

Photo: Artisan Entertainment/courtesy Everett Collection

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