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You might have noticed that at certain times of the month, you feel a little friskier than usual (and at certain other times, you feel like punching anyone who comes within five feet of you, whoops!). That’s unsurprising considering our reproductive system and the monthly hormonal changes women go through each month.

But it’s fascinating that your body actually physically changes to allow for maximum pleasure. As reported by Women’s Health, according to a study of women ages 18-35, around the 14th day of your menstrual cycle, some noticeable differences occur. Get ready for some technical sex talk–your clitoris swells by up to 20% (hello!) and the artery that feeds into it becomes less restricted, allowing more blood to pump there. The 14th day is also the time you’re ovulating, so it makes sense biologically that your body would be making itself ready for sex at that time. Even if you’re years away from being ready to try for kids, it’s pretty cool to know that at certain times, your body is pretty much begging you to get it on, right?

Are you consulting your calendar and planning a special date night for the 14th day in your cycle? Have you ever noticed changes in your body throughout the month?

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In every woman has its own, peculiar only to her individuality. In particular it concerns the figures. According to the type of a Constitution it is possible to simulate the correct style of clothes and based on that to choose the more suitable wardrobe and accessories. The most common geometric forms of the female body: sand … Read More →

Heroes of prints were Amosov, Sikorsky and Vertinsky
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We hope that you have already drawn up a diagram of the «ideal of sex», with the necessary 40% of the time, which should be paid to the preludes Read More →

Now that you’ve seen her cover-shoot and watched her answer all your burning questions about love and life, it’s time to talk about Kate Hudson’s ultra-sexy hair and makeup look on Glamour’s April 2013 cover. Who needs a glam squad when you’ve got us?!


Makeup Artist Melanie Inglessis dishes on the look: “It was easy and effortless, yet chic and sexy. Very Kate.”


Step 1. Start with a base.
“I started with a beautiful dewy base and warmed up Kate’s skin with a golden bronzer to emphasize her healthy glow.”

Try: Almay Smart Shade Mousse Makeup in Light Medium, $14.

Step 2. Line eyes.
“With a kohl pencil, I rimmed her eyes, not paying too much attention to precision. I rimmed the outer corner of the eye a little heavier to help create depth. I wanted the heaviest part of the makeup on the outer corner.”

Try: Almay Intense i-Color Defining Liner in Onyx for Brown Eyes, $7.

Step 3. Apply blush and a highlighter.
“To brighten the overall face, I used a highlighter on Kate’s cheekbones, brow bones and tip of her nose. I then applied a touch of peach blush on the apple of her cheek for freshness.”

Try: Almay Wake-Up Blush and Highlighter in Rose, $9.

Step 4. Add gloss.
“I used a nude lip gloss that I dabbed on with my ring finger for a very natural look.”


As for her hair, David Babaii (Kate’s hairstylist for 12+ years and dear friend) created the look. “It is really all about showing off what I call the ‘Kate Hudson Look’. It is a look that truly shows off her healthy, shiny hair. Kate is my generation’s Brigitte Bardot, showing off soft, voluptuous hair that is touchable and glamourous. In my eyes, she has a signature look that most women today can ask for.”

Step 1. Prep the hair.
“I added a hair serum and strong-hold mousse before blow-drying to give a natural, long-lasting hold.”

Try: John Freida Luxurious Volume Volume Building Mousse, $6.50.

Step 2. Blow-dry with a medium-sized brush.
“I used a medium round brush at the root area to add volume then switched to a large round brush to smooth and create soft rounded edges.”

Step 3. Finger-comb.
“With my fingers, I combed through and allowed the hair to fall naturally into place. I then misted hair with hairspray for a soft, touchable finish.”

Easy enough, right?! What do you think of Kate’s hair and makeup look in our April issue?

Photos: Patrick Demarchelier

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Как сделать семью счастливойIn the the secret of family happiness? How long to preserve good relations in the family? We will try to find answers to these questions.

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When comforting friends after a breakup, people reach for platitudes because it’s so hard to figure out what to say—trying to look on the bright side, or consoling them that it was no great loss, often seem like the best way to comfort. But often these well-meaning truisms only hurt or annoy the grieving friend, who, remember, is hearing these things from everybody.


Here’s what you should avoid saying to a heartbroken friend:

1. “I never liked him anyway.”
It doesn’t matter what you thought of their ex. It doesn’t! Not right now. The point is, your friend did, and possibly still does. They don’t want to hear about how you always thought she was sort of pretentious, or that he was always awkward at parties, or whatever else may have been secretly annoying you about their relationship. Respect their right to be hurting over someone you didn’t necessarily love, and stay quiet about it—especially because there’s always the chance that they’ll get back together. If your friend starts venting about the recent ex, then fine—just don’t join in too enthusiastically.

2. “Ultimately, this is going to be a good thing for you.”
This sentence might be 100 percent true, but you’ve got to let your friend figure it out by living it, rather than spouting it off to her while she’s wrapped up in a blanket on the couch surrounded by tissues. There’s a moment in most breakups where it really does seem like the most depressing, traumatic thing that’s ever happened, and no amount of “No, but this will be good in the end!” is going to convince her or make her feel better.

3. “You can do so much better.”
No one wants to hear that their friends think they were dating beneath them. Besides, dating better or dating worse is not the point: The point is that your friend is no longer dating that person, and maybe they still wish they were. Again, let all venting about the ex come from them, not from you.

4. “Now you can concentrate on your career.”
At this point, most people know that it’s extremely possible to have a great relationship and a great career, so pointing out to your friend that their breakup is an opportunity to work on career insinuates that it’s an either/or situation. Maybe they want to concentrate on their career AND keep dating that person! Maybe they were ALREADY concentrating on their career, maybe their career is going great, and it’s just the sudden lack of relationship that’s sending them into a tailspin. The truth is, when your heart hurts, thinking about work may temporarily distract, but it won’t actually make you feel better.

5. “What you need is a girls’/boys’ night out!”
Ugh, no, what I need is to take a nap on my bathroom floor and listen to the Dixie Chicks for a few hours. Nights out are great, but that’s later in the breakup recovery process: a person might have to go through a lot of wallowing before they’re ready to hit the town again. Unless an insane/unhealthy amount of time has passed, let them be the one to suggest a night out to you once they’re good and ready.

So what can you say? These gems are simple, to the point, and universally unoffensive.

1. I’m here whenever you want to talk.

2. Breakups are the worst thing in the world. The worst thing. I am so sorry you are going through this.

3. I know you want to be alone right now, so I’m sending you a care package of cool/distracting stuff and I’m on standby for whenever you want to hang out.

–Written by Chiara Atik for HowAboutWe

How have you consoled your friends after a bad breakup?

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