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According to experts, the danger of periodontitis is that pathogenic micro-organisms from the gums can infiltrate other organs, affecting their Read More →

Find out what things should be abandoned in 2018
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As shown by statistics, people who have undergone gastric bypass or tubular gastroplasty, left this life at times less than people watching the food and doing physical exercises Read More →

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Today we will discuss top 10 most dangerous snakes in the world from which to escape for a while.

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This tea is made from older tea leaves, which during growth have managed to accumulate in myself fluoride. These chemical compounds are bad for the health of the kidneys and bones. In addition, the paper used to make tea bags, treated with chlorine Read More →

16-year-old model Kaia Gerber will create a clothing collection together with Karl Lagerfeld
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Excessive salt intake can be adverse changes in the circulation of the brain Read More →

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Irish resident Amanda Teague engaged with the Ghost of a pirate. Teague says that a Ghost can turn on and off lights and radio and moving objects.

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