Scrapbooking – manufacturing and filling in the hands of beautiful paper gizmos, small books, notebooks and postcards. Scrapbooking-cards are very popular and, of course, are appreciated all over the world more than the mass produced postcards from the shelves. Give them a wedding and birthday parties. Don’t need to be an expert in order to please yourself or your loved ones – a simple combinations of these cards can make any beginner. In this master class, you will learn how to make a postcard in the style of scrapbooking with beautiful geometric patterns in just 7 steps.

To make a postcard, you will need:

  • 2 square plaid sheet of paper (10 x 10 cm to Take special sheet does not necessarily fit a sheet of notebook paper in a cell);
  • a sheet of thin and flexible bilateral colour cardboard (in this photo master class – brown, but you can have every colour. In General, as such a Board can use paper for pastels – she desired texture, and weight, it’s double sided and she sold one sheet at a time in various colour variants);
  • paper for origami with different designs (preferably 3 different types of paper);
  • glue;
  • knife for cutting paper;
  • pencil;
  • the sewing machine.

Step 1. Расчертите plaid sheet of paper on the squares, crossed diagonal lines (as in the photo). This sketch is the future of cards: a pattern will consist of squares and triangles with different patterns. Can copy the one from the photo, and can make their own.

Step 2. Label paper of different colors/paper with different patterns with a different letter on this sketch. On the photo – three types of paper (yellow (Y), red(R) and blue(B) – although this, of course, the legend, each paper is not just one color, although he dominates in the pattern).
Step 3. Put the sketch cards – you will be guided in the “Assembly” of all the details. Take the second plaid sheet of paper and then copy the sketch. Then cut a sheet, cut out all the squares and triangles, as they would have looked like, whether they are already ready elements for a postcard.
Step 4. Using the cut parts as a template, cut into origami paper with the desired pattern. There are many ways to cut such paper; the fastest – gently fold the origami leaf pattern, and then cut bends: you get many small triangles or squares. But you can choose any other way; remember, if you mark a paper with a pencil and do not erase them with the cut parts, the party with the notes should be “wrong”hidden from the eyes of the finished card.
Step 5. Take a sheet of colored cardboard, fold so that you get the square postcard with a side of about 15 see (more or less – the main thing that it was more than your sketch; the more sheet, the wider will be monochromatic field near the pattern of the paper). Cut the sheet bend.
Step 6. Take one of the halves and расчертите on your sketch, and then carefully glue on it all cooked pieces of paper. Start with a Central, large square. Don’t worry, if the parts are positioned not absolutely exactly – the beauty of scrapbooking to a well-made thing, however, was not factory-perfect. Step 7. Fold the squares of colored cardboard together and sew them for one of the parties sewing machine (using a contrasting color thread; for example, here’s white). Away from the edge and it should be about 5 mm at the end of The tie a thread node to node was over the sheets, like a connecting thread on both sides and additional clipping on a postcard.

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