For this installment of Process, Hypebeast heads to Gothenburg, Sweden — home of Nudie Jeans. With the recent opening of Nudie Jeans’ London concept store and repair station, the denim brand invited us for a firsthand look at how its jeans get brought back to life and the specialists behind the machines. Joined by Gustav, each pair of denim is accessed — only after having been washed — then cleaned and ready to have a patch of denim, cut from a donor pair of jeans, applied to the worn-out area. Depending on the customer’s requests, the patchwork and stitching can be accentuated or made as discreet as possible. Steadily gaining popularity as it is both economical and benefiting to the environment, these special Nudie Jeans repair stations can be found in Stockholm, Sydney, and more recently, London. Denim enthusiasts will also be delighted to discover some of their favorite jeans at a discount thanks to the second-hand offerings available at these locations as well as the option of trading in an old pair of jeans for 20% off a new pair — giving rise to Nudie’s aim to repair, reduce and reuse.

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