On very hot summer days, many people dream of cool, mild breeze, soul and drink, which would be quenched thirst. In the heat of the human body loses about 2-3 litres per day, so it is very important to replenish body fluids in a timely manner. This is necessary from a physiological and psychological point of view, as the moderate consumption of soft drinks in very hot weather, very helps the body cope with sleepiness and energized.

In hot weather it is not recommended to drink beverages containing alcohol, as it will further increase dehydration. Also quench your thirst is not recommended sweet газировками is the worst option, as in fizzy drinks contain large amounts of sugar, besides a drink on the contrary strengthen thirst. And yet they remain the most traded in strong heat – sweet soda and ice seems excellent, compared with the usual boiled water, kvass, Pets лимонадами and other refreshing drinks.

There are a great many delicious ways to rid your body of agonizing thirst, therefore, recipes, which will be offered below, do not contain expensive or rare components.

Ginger tea with peach. Secret that ready to purchase iced tea brand does not have its useful substances. But such tea can be made at home, and he will get this healthy drink that really cheer and cool. Tea will need: 3 peach halves (canned), 200g. peach juice, 50 gr. sugar and 15 gr. fresh grated ginger. All ingredients thoroughly in a blender and add the pieces of ice. This drink can be taken on the road.

Strawberry lemonade. Instead of lemonade, you can invent a strawberry. This recipe was created to surprise your friends and relatives. Prepare this drink will help juicer россошанка it will make the juice for a few seconds from 250 gr. strawberry and 3 lemons, as the mixture pour 750 ml of water and add 75 gr. powdered sugar. Pour into glasses, add the pieces of ice and drink with relish.

Cranberry cocktail. Who loves devoted to the cranberries! Take a ready cranberry juice in the volume of 100 ml and 100 ml of Apple juice, add a little honey and mix thoroughly in a blender drink succeed air, tasty and very useful.

In the summer season, when the capacity of the facilities, but the exhausting heat still finds you very well to drink some light refreshments. First, thus complementing the water balance in the body

Smoothies… many do not even know what it is, although fans of this exciting and easy to drink every day becomes more and more. This is because these cocktails are simple in preparation, they can take to work

Rolls of pork stuffed with mushroom sauce. Meat cut across the grain into 4 chops, отбиваем from two sides, salt, pepper and daubed mustard.

About what is actually forshmak, there are many disputes. We offer today put an end to these differences once and for all and to prepare forshmak on the right recipe.

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