Nowadays often find couples in which the man does not work. Of course, in life there is any, and from temporary difficulties no one is immune. But there are stories in which all temporary difficulties with the work cease to be such and staying at home males are not so forced.

For example, what would be the point in searching for a job, when in the second half of good earnings, which is enough for two. If in addition, due to the infinite love, she’s ready to implicitly contain beloved – all beauty! But sooner or later even the most loving companion is tired, and then paired the question about how to make a man go to work.

You can, of course, send it on all four sides…But love…Then you need to find other ways of solution.

First you need to understand the reason for the unwillingness to work. If a man Frank parasite, then, still, it is better not to continue with it relations. But it could be that extreme immaturity lies the whole problem. In this case, you can still try it rectified. You should try to interest and inspire man interesting fag. The ideal option would be to such work, which could quite fast career growth. You can also give the feel all the joy of possession money, he had earned. If all goes good, there is a higher probability that the satellite life moves in and begins to work with an overwhelming zeal.

There are cases when a man stayed too long at home due to the fact that he was unexpectedly reduced at a previous job. In such moments, there is a risk of psychological trauma and complex, that he is not wanted. Out of such a situation is possible in two ways: подбодрять man and strongly раззадоривать or start to regret. In the second variant excessive pity may once again strongly humiliate already надломленного person. Therefore, it will give a try to it to get rid of depression, explaining that we must move on, that’s not worth spending time on persistent concerns about the only failure. You should not lose your head and open to new opportunities. Only then is there a chance for a fast time to reach the level, which was to loss of work, and often surpass it.

But under any circumstances, it is important to talk with a man and clarify the reasons for the unwillingness to work, and then make a choice: what to do next?

Year of the Snake for persons born in the year of the Tiger will be very successful and profitable, but the Tiger would have to take very responsible steps and decisions.

Year of the Snake promises dog be quite fussy, but in the year of the Dragon Dogs have been able to achieve a lot and made a big breakthrough in their own lives. In 2013, the others will impose on Dogs great hope and expect ongoing support

Year of the Snake for Cock would not be very favorable, but very passionate, and very important, where shall the passionate emotions Cock.

Reliable and smart, wonderful father, not drinking, not beats, and not Smoking, not a husband, and a dream! Girlfriends are jealous, native admire, but only my wife knows: Yes, not beats, earn, not Smoking, not drinking, and there is no life

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