American Rapper, Cam’ron, known for his impressive skills in the kitchen, has stated in the past just how important the culinary arts are to his creative process as a musician. Now the MC lays down some kitchen rules for the rest of us folks. From dicing to measuring, here are the six biggest kitchen tips from “Cookin’ with Cam’ron.” Make sure to check out the video below at the 09:50 mark to catch Killa Cam in action.

Your Knife Skills Better Be on Top
“I know they’re like, ‘I didn’t know Killa Cam in there dicing.” Yeah, I dice baby! Sometimes you gotta dice, man. You can’t eat chinese food every night.”

If You Don’t Know How to Scampi, You Better Learn
“This is probably my most requested dish, to be honest. Friends come over. ‘Cam, can you make some shrimp scampi?’ Like I’m the scampi man, you know what I’m saying? They love me for the scampi.”

The Oven Is Your Best Friend
“We’re gonna cook that [steak] at probably 375. A lot of people like to cook on top of the stove because it’s quicker, but they’re underestimating the oven. The oven is that joint.”

A Real Chef Has Instincts
“I don’t really measure the salt and pepper. I do it more by eye, because I’m that good. You know I’m that good that I don’t really need to measure it.”

Keep Your Ingredients a Secret
“I disguise my ingredients in here, because I don’t need any of y’all out there biting on what I use. Special recipe from Killa, you know what I’m sayin’?”

The Kitchen Needs Music
“Usually I be in here moving around while I cook. I get a little groove. I throw on some beats. I write some music while I’m cooking. I need some atmosphere. I love atmosphere.”


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