Компот из малины на зимуJuly in the Central part of Russia, in the high season raspberry. Now is not only plenty to eat fresh berries, but to start to make a piece of raspberry for the winter.

If this year you are lucky to harvest garden raspberries, or you just want to stock up on vitamins – the easiest way to cook from raspberry compote.

How to properly close raspberry compote

Before cooking compote rinse banks and пропарьте them over a kettle of boiling water (align the hole banks with a hole in the pot and leave on for ten minutes), and cover boil. The cover shall be smooth, without deep scratches, gum inside of the cover should fit snugly to the neck of the banks closing process to ensure the tightness.

For pasteurization you need high pot. The level of water in a pot should be several inches below the bottle banks to during boiling water in compote not gets splashed. Pasteurization times отсчитывайте from the moment of boiling water.

Компот из малины на зиму

To the preparation of compotes banks have not given the crack from the bottom, put on the bottom of pan folded several times a towel or a wooden circle with holes that matches the diameter of the pan. To close compote you can use glass bottles, this method is very suitable for the juice of raspberry.

Select a bottle with a flat bottom and a wide neck, so that it was convenient to fall asleep raspberries for your harvesting the winter. Close bottle, or in advance blanched tubes, or rubber caps. If you use the tube, then head with a stopper need to dip into the hot wax or wax, otherwise during storage in raspberry compote together with the air will get germs.

Recipes compote – General tips

Before cooking raspberry compote for the winter loop raspberries and get rid of damaged berries. A quick rinse raspberries in cold water and let it drain. For pasteurization put the Bank in a saucepan with a towel or a wooden Board on the bottom.

Raspberry compote pasteurized three minutes in boiling water. After that the Bank can extract and close. Cool upside down, closing Bank blanket or other dense tissue, 24 hours. Through the day обмойте Bank warm water and store in a cool, dark place for storage.

Компот из малины на зиму

Procurement of raspberry – find and choose your recipe raspberry compote

Recipe raspberry compote №1

You will need: 700 g major raspberry, 300 grams of sugar, 100 ml water. Pre-washed raspberries layers pour into a jar, sprinkling each layer of sugar, pour on top cold water, put the Bank in a saucepan, after pasteurization close, cool and store in storage.

Recipe raspberry compote №2

You will need: 3 kg of a large berries, 750 g of sugar and 1 litre of water. Well boil water with sugar and cool. Pre-washed raspberries, fill in banks, pour cooled down syrup so that remained 1/4 of free space. Banks put in a saucepan, after pasteurization close, cool and store in storage.

Raspberry for the winter in own juice

Another option for the procurement of raspberry, an alternative to a compote. You will need: 3 kg of a large raspberry, 750 grams of fine sugar or powdered. Pre-washed raspberries pour in a porcelain dish, pour the sugar and leave for the night. The next day scatter raspberries on the banks, pour separated juice. Banks put in a saucepan, after pasteurization close, cool and store in storage.

Procurement raspberry compote for the winter to help you make for the future vitamins for the entire family. – What would you choose, fragrant fruit compote will bring pleasure to you and your guests.

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