When you’re out partying with friends this fall, famed champagne label Moët & Chandon is going to make it easy to rep your home locale. Recognizing its status as the top-selling rosé in the United States, Moët & Chandon has created a new, limited-edition series of Nectar Impérial Rosé bottles inspired by recognizable locations around the USA. The collectible range celebrates cities like New York, LA and Chicago and features subtle accents including a map and a special crest commemorating each respective area, all of which blend seamlessly into the classic Nectar Impérial Rosé label.

Keep your eyes on the Moët & Chandon Instagram for more information on availability in your city and stay tuned to HYPEBEAST for a weekly giveaway of exclusive sneakers and streetwear in partnership with Moët & Chandon coming soon.

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