Representatives of the French popular Dior published an official statement that the actor Robert Pattinson really became the face of the fragrance Dior Homme.

Rumors about the cooperation of the charming vampire modernity went to press for a very long time and for a long time. Finally, the news went beyond the gossip and received the status of truthful information.

That’s what they say of the house of representatives on cooperation with Pattinson: “We are happy to announce that Robert joined the privileged circle of persons Dior. New advertising campaign, shot by photographer Наном Голдином and Director Romain Гаврасом, starts to broadcast in Europe except UK and Asia, except for China and Japan.”

Representatives of the brand also explained why their choice fell on Robert: ” He has shown his talent for choosing films such as “Remember me,” Water for elephants” and “Dear friend”. By the way, the video is not yet available. We can only wait, how will Robert in a new, albeit a small role.

But the network has already appeared the first frame from the shooting of an advertising campaign with the participation of actor. The stylish black and white shot of the photographer’nan group Голдина proves Pattinson did his image of a serious and monochrome hero. Quiet view charming eyes of the actor is fraught with unsolved mystery of the inner world of Robert.

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