Chicago’s RSVP Gallery collaborates again with another streetwear heavyweight — this time with the Nigo-founded brand A Bathing Ape. The small capsule consists of three co-branded T-shirts; the BAPE RSVP TEE, which is reminiscent of neon-tubed outline of BAPE’s iconic APE head; the MILO RSVP TEE, which sees Baby Milo and his friends embracing the RSVP logo; and finally, the BAPE STA RSVP TEE, where star embellishments can be seen at both sleeves, while the front sports a large RSVP logo and a large BAPE head adorns the back. Retailing for ¥7,140 JPY (approximately $72 USD), the RSVP Gallery x A Bathing Ape 2013 capsule collection will see a launch date of July 19th, with a BAPESTORE release on the 20th.

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