Scientists from the US have discovered another way of increasing life expectancy. According to scientists, the risk of premature death can be reduced significantly, if gradually transition to a healthy diet.

In the diet should prevail foods from whole grains (bread, pasta), fish, fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts. Parallel need to reduce the amount of consumption of red meat and sugar drinks.

For information, an experiment was conducted that lasted twelve years. It was attended by 74 000 adults. Experts monitored their diet and changes in it. After that, the scientists still twelve years recorded events associated with likely fatal outcome. The findings were based on two 12-year periods.

The results showed that the participants who have made their diet with wholesome and stuck to it for 12 years, reduced the risk of premature death for the same period of time.

It was also noted that if instead of daily servings of meat to eat bean products and nuts, the probability of premature death is reduced to 17%.

Among the many diet experts underline the Mediterranean, considering it the most useful. It includes bean products, nuts, many fresh vegetables and fruits, olive oil, fish. Sometimes the diet includes moderate amount of wine.

Earlier, the scientists of USA have discovered that a key component of the Mediterranean diet – olive oil. It has a positive effect on brain functioning.

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