Scientists from Denmark discovered the secret to human longevity. They found that there was a link between duration of life and couple relationships. It should be noted that previously, scientists believed that prolong life will help proper nutrition and overall healthy lifestyle. But it turned out that not all of the secrets of longevity were discovered.

The organizers of the study say that to live to a ripe old age are those who have in family relationships, harmony and understanding.

To obtain such information was a large-scale experiment during which the volunteers took a survey to determine the quality of the relationship and frequency of conflict. In parallel, for many years, experts tracked the health of participants.

It turned out that coupleswho fight a lot, 2-3 times increased risk to die a premature death due to diseases of the heart, blood vessels, and Oncology.

Therefore, researchers recommend that spouses maintain not only healthy, correct way of life, but also to maintain a harmonious relationship throughout your life together.

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