Scientists from Switzerland managed to figure out what part of the male body excites women the most.

According to them, women get aroused at the sight of the male abdomen. It attracts the weaker sex more than Brawn.

For information, an experiment was conducted with the participation of women. Volunteers were asked to look at pictures of men in swimming trunks. Women had looking at a photo to assess their level of excitation. The experts with the help of special equipment was fixed, on what part of the body ladies look the longest.

A similar experiment was proposed and men, they rated photos of females in bathing suits.

The results of the study men was predictable. For the longest time they detained view of the female breast. Women primarily paid attention to men’s belly, which closely examined. Naturally, the most attention has got uploaded the male press. Much less time ladies spent, considering the area of the genitals and chest.

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