Шелковое окрашивание Chi: фото волос до и послеMore recently, the apparent stage hairdressing negotiations «client – master before staining in light shades were questions as necessary sessions to achieve the desired color?

And how long after that will recover my hair? Wiped these same questions new technique of silk dyeing hair chi.

The mysterious name of the technology must not mysterious Eastern procedure (you can guess from the phonetic consonance), but the American paint CHI.

The painting of this system gave the opportunity to lighten the hair without any visible consequences for their «well-being».

Staining Chi: before and after photos

The main practical advantage chi ionic coloring acknowledged not only by ecological purity and preserve the integrity of their hair. Procedure inherent to ease the transition from dark to light shades, range up to 8 colours.

The range of colors of about 100 basic tones, compromising the structure of which allows blending to create its own unique image.

Шелковое окрашивание Chi: фото волос до и после

Шелковое окрашивание Chi: фото волос до и после

Шелковое окрашивание Chi: фото волос до и после

Шелковое окрашивание Chi: фото волос до и после

This procedure completely removes the hair and significantly healthier hair. Contrast with obsolete by ammonia obtained simply striking – no need to «pay» for the beauty of their own health!

An important component of the silk dyeing chi is easy to guess) silk. Silk микропряди bring in a formed color special granular shade, their structure is not traumatize the skin of the head and warns burning. Damaged and brittle hair due to the interaction with silk become healthy and smooth.

Features silk technics

From paint and techniques of silk dyeing of hair chi distinguishes absence of ammonia in the structure of the working reagent. Hydrogen nitride NH3, regardless of the characteristic odour and stiffness impact on organic material, widely used to increase the resistance at colouring.

Microparticles of ammonia are able to deeply penetrate into the hair and painted it from the inside, by the color of long been washed away. However, the procedure of such microscopic «penetration» is fraught with a whole bunch of negative consequences – brittle, dry skin, weakness, split ends and etc. Guaranteed long-term ammonia too.

If anything, ammonia paint were forced measure that can now be successfully avoided by the method of coloring paint chi. However, you should not assume that the staining paint chi provides only natural pigments. Otherwise the paint would be deprived of its basic properties – dominant resistance.

Ammonia is really outdated coloring element, which was replaced by dye new generation called ethanolamine. He is deprived of the sharp smell, it calmly tolerate people prone to Allergy. Ethanolamine is not able to render harmful influence on pregnant women or people of the power age, as on the mother during lactation. Undesired effects on the hair is kept to a minimum.

Silk painting chi reviews has almost 100 % positive by a rare combination of aesthetic effect and greatly reduced «harm» when lightening.

The American view of the health of the hair

A fundamentally new silk hair coloring is a ideology. Overseas developers concluded that large-scale intervention in the structure of the hair of chemical pigments depletes them.

Шелковое окрашивание Chi: фото волос до и после

Embarked on the creation of a new cosmetics, components of which are natural substances with little artificial. As the main component for decorative paints was selected silk. This approach is explained by the similarity of the structure of silk and hair at the molecular level. Our hair can easily see that the molecules”, and is easy to carry its impact.

The efforts of American specialists found an echo in the hearts of Russian hairdressers and their visitors. About painting the chi reviews range from moderately-approving to восклицательно-enthusiastic.

All who have tested the silk in hairdressing salons appreciated its practicality, a healing effect on the hair and impressive exterior result. It really is a new technique which allows to combine the visual beauty, latitude осветляемой palette and careful attitude to their own health.

Author: Kateryna Sergeenko

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