Сценки и представления для первого сентябряJoy and sadness, worry, and fear, smile and cry. There might not be one day of the year does not cause such emotions as of September 1st.

This is a holiday not only for teachers and students, and a significant event for every parent who accompanies the school of your kid for each grandparents who rejoice for her grandson. Line – the long-awaited and important part of the whole event.

It determines the success of the day, and that the first line will forever remain in the memory of those who first set foot on the school. Therefore, the scenario of the event should carefully consider, that young scientists from the first day of loved his school. What put the scenes and conduct competitions?

First of all, it is necessary to acquaint children with each other, to create for them an atmosphere of coziness and comfort, teach them to trust people with whom they will spend a considerable part of his life. It is the emergence of responsibility is the key to personal development, understanding that in this world of right and wrong. Game «Who is guilty» will be a great means to force the children to think about such important for their future development things.

Scene «Who is guilty?»

Actors: for setting of the scenes will need two adults (lead and grandmother and a little girl, which you will play the role of a grandchild.

It all starts with the words of the leader.

Moderator: Saw my grandmother her granddaughter gasped and asked:

Grandma: O God, my granddaughter, what happened to your your apron?»

Granddaughter: «I’m not guilty, grandmother, it’s all berries are guilty. I simply put in his pocket, and they have spoiled me apron!»

Grandma: My granddaughter’s favorite, but why do you have such dirty hands and feet?»

Granddaughter: «It’s not me to blame, grandmother, and our dog. She started to bark, and I hid under the fence!»

Grandma: And why, my darling, you are so растрепана?»

Granddaughter: «It’s not me, and the wind! It haunts me all day: I’m in the garden, and he with me, I’m on the swing – and here he comes. I’m not guilty!»

Moderator: «How do you think, guys, who’s to blame?»

Of course, every child will have his own opinion and in no case can it change. Main task is to bring up children, that you should always think about their decisions and cannot be done guilty in anything someone else. After this performance, which should give the children the opportunity to think about the responsibility, you can navigate to competitions and games.

Game «me too!»

Nothing develops care of children as much as this game. For the organization of the game need leading. Children will listen carefully to the story of master, and if what he says may run, then after a pause leading guys chanting «I, too».

If the same words of the leader of the realm of fantasy, then the children are silent. For example: Yesterday I went to the zoo – the children are crying «I, too!» See, like the monkey stuck out her legs out of the cell – children must be silent. And suddenly she saw me and gave me a banana – children shout «I, too!» Giving me a banana, the monkey began to sing : – children should be silent. So kids will listen carefully to the master and think about how realistic it is that he says.

The game «the Trees are»

The essence of the game is to help children in logic, attention and speed of thought. Leading collects all first graders around and says: «Trees are tall». However, in saying this, he raises his hand down its aim is to cause children confusing. The child who repeat after leading wrong eliminated from the game.

The winner is the one who can correctly and quickly showed all that the presenter was saying. So, the holiday is coming to an end. Every child is tired, but overflowing emotions, goes home to get back here again. And away he should desire to return, because he found new friends, learned a lot and had a great time.

Author: Kateryna Sergeenko

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