Fans of both streetwear and anime/manga can yet again rejoice as HMN ALNS gives us another coadunation of the two distant subcultures. Upon hearing that a few of the editors at Hypebeast were longtime fans of Slam Dunk, HMN ALNS was more than happy to leave his signature mark on the popular early ’90s basketball manga. Choosing the obvious Shohoku High School team as his subjects, ALNS wasted no time in decking the players out in some of the most notorious staples in streetwear, Takenori Akagi (#4) in full Givenchy Madonna-print jersey, shorts, and a pair of Nike Air Max Uptempo 97s; Hanamichi Sakuragi (#10) again in Givenchy, but this time in Shark Jaw-print and Nike More Uptempos; and finally Ryota Miyagi (#7) in a complete Katie Eary Fish/Baroque-print uniform sporting the coveted Red Air Yeezy IIs. Another agreeable set from HMN ALNS which is sure to get the two communities talking. What’s next on the list of animes?

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