крем для загараWhen going on vacation, you must take a lot of cream to the terrace. How much cream I need to bring? Take the rate of one vial for a couple of days. Also, you need to follow some basic rules:
-once you обтерлись towel, apply a new layer of cream
-if you are sweating, cover the body of another layer of cream
-after bathing, necessarily, be treated is not covered parts of the body cream
-most importantly-to re-apply the cream every two hours
Performing these intricate rules, you will ensure full protection of your skin. The myth that a dark skin or skin tan received not exposed to UV, one should not believe. This is not true. Still there is a misconception that, allegedly, sunblock prevents sunburn. It is absurd. On the contrary sunblock in addition to protecting the skin from обгорания and facilitates smooth and deep terrace.
Finally, another tip. Do not wash the body with soap, if going to the beach. As soap will wash away all the protective fat layer. And then the cream will be powerless. But after bathing, on the contrary, it is recommended to wash off the makeup of the body.

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